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Catering FAQ  and Answers

Here are some of our most asked questions and our answers! If you have a question you'd like answered that we missed, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page or at the bottom of our site and we will get back to you shortly!

Q: How big is the truck?


A: The truck is 28ft by 10ft, and 14ft tall. We can provide a photo for reference if you’d like!


Q: Do you need power?


It is not required for single day events but will increase costs.  Multi day events absolutely need to plug in for the refrigeration 

A: Based on the length of the event or catering, yes. If it is a shorter length event, we have two silent generators we use to get us through, but even still if power is available it’s great to have a backup option.


Q: What kind of generators do you use? Are they quiet?


A: We use two of the BILT HARD quiet generators. They put off 60 Hz frequency, so they are quiet. Because of the power our truck takes and needs, that is why we need two generators.


Q: Do you need a water source?


A: If it is a longer length event, yes. If it is a shorter length event, it is not necessary, but nice to have the option. We do have a limited water tank, and use water for steaming the grill to melt cheese, or cook our grilled chicken, dishes, hand washing, etc. We try to be cautious on our water usage, but if the events are longer, we have sustained it before, but it is definitely better to have a water source for the longer events.


Q: Do you need a dumpster?


A: If it is a longer event, yes. If it is a shorter event, it isnt necessary, but is nice to have.


Q: Do you need sewer/graywater?

A: If it is a longer event, yes. If it is a shorter event, it isnt necessary.


Q: Do you have liability insurance?


A: Yes. Due to Eugene requirements, we have millions of dollars worth of liability insurance coverage, atleast 4mil. I can send the document to you if you’d like!


Q: Do you have truck insurance?


A: We do! We go through Progressive auto, with a commercial type policy. I can send it to you if you’d like! It is important for me to note that it does say “Zingaro” on the top of the insurance, that is our main company, and I Scream for Waffles is a company off of the Zingaro INC with the state of Oregon.


Q: Do you have proof that this is a registered business?


A: Yes, we have the document from the Oregon Secretary of State. The business was reinstated September 7th, 2021. The business registration date was 6/26/2013.


Q: What kind of food do you usually serve?


A: Our everyday menu stays generally the same, some menu items change in and out occasionally, but we have some menu items that are always on the menu, for example, the nashville hot waffle sandwich, one of our most popular menu items. We make hot waffle sandwiches, house made ice cream, sweet waffles, and more! We even do mac and cheese cones, taco cones, wraps, etc.


Q: Can you change the menu to our liking?


A: Yes! We can definitely bring, supply and make food to your liking. We have many catering menus on our website, to choose from, but if you have a theme or menu you’d like us to do, we can definitely do that for you!


Q: Do you have gluten free options?


A: We are still working out the details on making our own mix for gluten free waffles, since all of our liege, savory, and stuffing waffles are made using house made mixes and blends, but we can buy gluten free waffle mixed as desired. We also can make lettuce wraps, salads, and gluten free wraps out of most of our menu items available! However, if you were to choose a catering menu of ours for example, we could definitely fit those needs and make food gluten free from scratch! This may cause an increase in price, depending on the catering menu desired, and our purchase of additional products to fit said needs.


Q: Do you have vegetarian options?


A: Yes, we carry Quorn on a day to day basis, which is basically a veggie chicken. If desired, we can also provide tofu, and occasionally purchase locally sourced tempeh as well!


Q: Do you require a deposit?


A: Yes. Our deposits vary based on the type of event or catering being held, depending on how many people will be attending, if it is a public or private event, how long the event is, etc. If it is a public event, we usually suggest meal tickets, where so many people get a ticket that goes towards one meal, and then you pay for however many said people, while everyone else pays with their own money. If this is not something that you are interested in, we can work out something that fits what you would like to do! 

If it is a private event, that is where more elements come in. If it is a larger event, with more people, our deposit goes up. We require a 50% deposit before the event happens, and the other 50% the day of the event. For example, if it were to be a business lunch, and the end total isn’t known, we have a minimum based on the amount of people. So say the event is 60 guests, and we have all our menu items with their usual prices, we would have a $600 minimum. $300 would be paid ahead of time, plus a travel fee if the event being held is outside of Eugene, since we are based out of Eugene. This means that the day of the event, if we make under $300 in sales, you would pay us $300 to make up for it because of our minimum. However, if it goes above our minimum, we would refund back the difference to you. Bigger events, such as private dinners, which we usually serve as a buffet style, would have a larger fee, due to staffing, service, and providing the buffet style line. We would formulate the cost of the event in total, and then you would pay half of the total before the event, and the rest the day of.


Q: Is there a final head count date?


A: We require a final head count if it changes 7 days before the event, so that we can prep and prepare more to make sure everyone gets fed. This also may increase the minimum or total.


Q: How much is your travel fee?


A: Based on how far we are traveling, it would be somewhere between $50-$100. This fee is paid with the first deposit. 


Q: Why do you require a deposit?


A: One reason it to make your event reserved, and also to go towards food costs, as well as labor and staff costing for prep.


Q: What happens if we cancel the event?


A: If your deposit has been paid and you cancel your event, we retain that deposit as liquidation charges, and also because we would have reserved that day and time for your event. 


Q: Does the final price include tip/gratuity?


A: Our pricing for your event does not include tip/gratuity.


Q: How far in advance does an event have to be scheduled?


A: It is nicer to have an event scheduled in advance, but we have pulled off events before scheduled the week of, so we can do it, but as I mentioned before it is nicer to have time in advance to prepare.


Q: Do you supply beverages for events?


A: We do not usually carry beverages other than water, and occasionally sodas and energy drinks, but if requested that can be provided. We also can make house made drinks (non alcoholic) if requested. Some of our options of what we can do are listed on our catering menus on our website. 


Q: Do you have a mobile documents for counties?


A: Yes. We have them for Veneta, Eugene, and Yamhill County. If your event is held outside of these areas, if the event is set in advance, we can fill out the mobile applications for these counties.

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